• Who qualifies to be a member?

    Membership to Acacia Health Insurance Scheme is open to corporate bodies, organizations or any group of people. Dependents of the individual applying for membership.

  • How do I join the Acacia Health Insurance Scheme?

    You can join the Acacia Health Insurance Scheme through your employer.Firms/Organizations seeking membership on behalf of their employees are required to complete Acacia Health Insurance Membership Registration Form. Individuals seeking membership through their employers or on their own should complete Acacia Health Insurance Membership Registration Form? On behalf of themselves and their dependants. Applications are approved upon a thorough review by Acacia Health Insurance.

  • What are the Conditions of being a Member?

    When filling the Acacia Health Insurance Membership Registration Form, applicants are requested to:

    • Declare their medical history and that of their dependants.
    • Sign the medical history declaration form.
    • Supply authentic information.
    • Provide all relevant information.

    Members of Acacia Health Insurance Scheme are expected to fill and sign a Schedule or Claim Form for only consultation/treatment they have received from their chosen healthcare service providers (HSPs).

  • How does the Scheme Work?
    • Each member is required to attend to any of the service providers (hospital, clinic, or pharmacy) from Acacia Health Insurance‚Äôs list of accredited service providers (Not all plans can access certain providers eg Nyaho, Akai house, Finney etc.)
    • You may consult your doctor at pre-arranged times or during working hours.
    • You will be required to sign a Claims Form each time you visit a Service Provider to certify the amount charged.
    • You do not have to submit the claims form to Acacia Health Insurance because your Service Provider will do that for you.
    • Any drug included on the essential drug list that is prescribed by your chosen doctor or referred specialist obtained from Acacia Health Insurance accredited pharmacies will be paid for.
  • What happens to me during an Emergency?
    • Acacia Health Insurance defines an emergency as a sudden or unexpected onset of a condition requiring medical or surgical care which the member secures after the onset of such condition (or as soon thereafter as care can be made available but which in any case is not later than 24 hours after onset) and in the absence of such care the member could reasonably be expected to suffer serious physical impairment or death. Examples include heart attacks, severe chest pain, cardiovascular accidents, hemorrhaging, poisoning, major burns, loss of consciousness, serious breathing difficulties, spinal injuries, shock and other acute conditions as Acacia Health Insurance shall determine are emergencies.
    • Any service provider can attend to you.
    • You are required to pay if consultation/treatment is NOT given by your chosen service provider. Insist on a receipt and a report of the treatment from the service provider.
    • Submit the receipt and report to Acacia Health Insurance for reimbursement.
    • Acacia Health Insurance will adjudicate the situation thoroughly before reimbursing you.
  • What happens if I Travel to a region outside where my chosen service provider is located?

    You can visit any of Acacia Health Insurance Accredited Network of Service Providers in any region using the same Acacia Health Insurance Identity Card.